Most People Like to Buy Multifunctional Devices

Air conditioners with heating function

In our lives are constantly coming new multifunctional things, such as phones with camera functions or cameras with Internet access. Most people like to buy multifunctional devices. That is why air conditioners with heating function are gaining popularity every day.

We all know that the primary task of an air conditioner is to cool the room and give a saving coolness on hot summer days. But modern air conditioners also include a function of heating. This method of heating carries both advantages and disadvantages.

As a rule, centralized heating is turned on in late autumn, when we all have already had time to freeze. If you have a heat pump, you can turn on the heating mode of the air conditioner long before the central heating. As for the use of gas boilers, their installation requires obtaining various permits from special services.

Yes, and employees of the gas service will always come to visit you! From this point of view, you should also give preference to air conditioners with a heating mode. They can be used both as an additional heat source and as a primary heat source. All depends on the type of air conditioner you choose.

Stoves that are heated with wood are often used to heat country houses. But, to store firewood, you need a separate room, and such a system can not work in automatic mode. As for the electric heating system: it requires a fairly high cost, as electricity prices are constantly rising.

The heating of a country house with an air conditioner (heat pump) is a good solution. These units operate in temperatures down to -25 °ะก. Conditioners are divided into types: wall-mounted, cassette, channel, column, floor-ceiling. Duct and floor-ceiling conditioners can be referred to the type of semi-industrial equipment.

Main difference of ducted split-systems from all other ones is air distribution through the duct systems. Heating by a ducted air conditioner will allow to keep several rooms warm at the same time, but this process will be accompanied by some heat loss. Heating with an inverter air conditioner allows you to warm up your room without noise. All types of air conditioners allow you to regulate the temperature.

As we see each device has its pros and cons, you just need to choose. In our catalog is a large selection of air conditioners from the best manufacturers. With us you can choose a conditioner for any area of the premise, with a certain level of power and additional functions.

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