Vertical Gardening

Landscaping the space with climbing plants. That’s basically what «vertical gardening» Which is usually talked about in the landscape design. This type is very popular, available to most gardeners, relevant for plots designed in a variety of styles.

Landscaping with flowerpots

This type of landscaping is typical of urban streets. Vases with flowers are mounted on poles, or on independent constructions.

«Living walls» Patrick Blanca

A botanical scientist developed the technology of facade gardening in pursuit of unity of urban landscapes and wildlife.

Light, water and food – the three pillars on which, according to Blank, vertical gardening relies. The technology is as follows: a metal frame is attached to the wall, and a frame of plastic is attached to it, in which a material such as felt is placed. In this «felt» Place seeds.

A continuous circulation of water, rich in nutrients, is made possible by a special pump. And soon begin to turn green «living walls». It began with the facades of buildings, and when the technology was finally perfected, «living walls» started to appear also in interior interiors. Let’s dwell on the vertical gardening with climbing plants.

Plants suitable for such greenery require little space on the ground itself, as they predominantly grow upwards. Creates an incredible amount of green space, and it easily hides the lack of space. Improve the appearance of a building, e.g. to decorate an outbuildings, or to hide a minor construction defect.

Increase the greened area several times (the area of landscaping in square meters can easily exceed the area of the site). Protect the house from overheating, sunlight, dust, noise and other external influences. To improve the microclimate and enrich the space with oxygen. Outline the boundaries of the plot (hedge) and divide it into functional areas. To equip a shady cozy place for recreation, etc.ะด.

So vertical gardening is an affordable and effective way to improve a garden plot.

First of all it is a clear idea, or better a schematic sketch of the design idea.

This is important in order for the plot to look harmonious and not to turn into an Amazonian jungle, a dense, beautiful, but completely unmanageable vegetation after a while. Need to understand what plants, for what, where and how many you plant.

Choose the right plants

The choice of plants depends directly on the tasks you set for vertical gardening. For a hedge it will be some plants, for a green screen – others, or maybe it will be an unusual beauty of flowers on separately reinforced trellis panels.

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