Climbing plants can help to hide flaws in buildings

It is advisable to carry out landscaping in late spring and early summer

It may include removal of old grass cover and planting of new grass seeds, bushes and tree seedlings. Also the landscaping of a particular area involves the artificial creation of the environment, using natural components. When constructing a lawn, take into account that the first shoots of grass will appear within a week, and a thick grass cover in 15-25 days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air, as well as the illumination of the area to be greened.

One of the ways to create a good atmosphere and comfort in yards and recreation parks is their landscaping and gardening

The creation of the landscape is done according to the style chosen, creating a unique atmosphere. Landscaping is one of the activities of our company, which carries out road works of any complexity.

Landscaping includes planting trees of different species and varieties, making hedges of trees and shrubs, and ornamental plants and lawns. Gardening is one of the main components in the landscaping, as the selection of planting material on the territory, planting technology depends on the harmony and literacy of the site components. Choosing where to plant on a tree plan has its own special practical and aesthetic significance.

Trees take up space, hence shelter the garden, create an atmosphere of coziness and completeness and safety, so their placement is given special attention. It is also important enough to use a wide variety of trees and shrubs on your plot to show the amazing beauty of the natural world and emphasize the changes in shape and texture of the crowns in different seasons. Before choosing a tree species, it is important to have a clear idea of what effect it will have on the space, the shape of the crown, the trunk, the flowering time and the compatibility with other vegetation, because the same spot can be seen in different ways, for example a small area can be optically enhanced by using conical, elongated shapes of trees. The shade of foliage, bark structure, crown density, maximum height, the ability to pass light, the physiological maturity of the tree, the volume and growth rate – all should be taken into account when drawing up a landscaping plan.

Also distinguish «protective gardening», or «Landscaping to strengthen», used, for example, in places that require protection from winds or to fortify the banks of a body of water. In modern landscape design, vertical gardening is especially common in landscaping.

Vertical gardening

The vertical gardening is the vertical cultivation of ornamental plants on different structures. Such landscaping serves to decorate walls, hedges, building facades, the organization of small spaces by creating a vertical garden. Climbing plants can help hide construction flaws, decorate unsightly buildings, hold back dust, and reduce noise.

Particular attention can be paid to «hanging flowerbeds» with annuals that add striking accents to the facade. Vertical landscaping in the middle belt of Russia most often uses perennial vines: maiden vines, cultivated grapes, Amur grapes, hop, lemongrass, honeysuckle, blackberries, lemongrass, roses. Among the annual lianas used for landscaping are morning glory, sweet peas.

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