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Main Five Points Of Description Of YouTube


Jan 6, 2021

What happened to this Description of YouTube, it has invented a new word?

What are the five most important things for description, which many people do not know? Even if you know, don’t follow it and if you want your videos to rank well, you must not forget these important points from today.

One is that if you were rendering a video, then you would have time to find a good title, description, and tags, and create a file and upload the video, so it will be easy for you.

The first paragraph of the description

If you wrote the first paragraph of your description in the best words, then you have found the first secret of writing the description, make the first paragraph of the description as SEO optimized as firmly as possible. This will be the paragraph that will bring your views. There are two reasons for the “five lines” of each paragraph in particular. If we did a Google search, we would see some of these lines. If these lines are such that they can attract any views, then your views will be subdued. The second reason is that these five lines are important because when you come to watch videos, part of the first five lines would appear before “read more”, and it would be better written, so your video viewer Would also like to see a video description, and if he did, you could include a link to your videos in his description, which he could visit. In addition, you can provide some links, etc., which will be your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., from which they will visit your patches, in addition to such links, which will be video the viewer can make some purchases, and you get a commission on it.

The first two lines

First I will tell you some useful things about the first five lines, now it is the turn of the first two lines, you have to do this, that you must give a link in these two lines. You can reap many benefits from this link, this link can also be of an affiliate program, by clicking on which anyone buy views, and affiliate programs can have so much money, that you forget the money coming from YouTube. And you will want, just come to the views. YouTube shouldn’t give us anything, views should keep coming, people should buy something, and so what else do you want.

How many of you know how many words appear before YouTube’s ‘Show More’ button?

Don’t know They can be almost”155” words, these 155 words are a very valuable asset for you. Now you can think, how to use them and how to increase your capital.

5,000 words

Many people may not have considered, YouTube allowed us five thousand words in the description. Perhaps the oppressors did not allow the description to be written in Urdu. Otherwise, I would have written a description of five thousand words in Urdu and you people would have lost me, that I would have been engaged in writing descriptions, but what could happen now, what was expected from you, could not be imagined That you will write a description of five thousand words. The reason is that the majority of Bloggers You Tubes are fluent in English. Barely able to write the title, the description is so far away, so at least you can write two good paragraphs, that’s a lot. To write these paragraphs, copy two paragraphs from a website according to the topic of your video, and rewrite them from an online rewrite.


If the length of your video is too long, and you have to make a special investment in this video or say something special, use a “timestamp”. So that the viewer of the video that special thing comes to your video at a certain time. You can mention this in the description, you can learn the method of timestamp by searching on Google.

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