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How to Guest Blog for Successful Link Building?


Jan 6, 2021

There are some tactics that include the rights and wrongs of guest blogging. You need to carefully master the art of guest blogging to get notified and maintain a reputation in the online market.

  1. Write an impactful Guest Post in the Blog

Previously we have discussed how flop posts have caused damage to the whole guest blogging technique. If this indirect approach of link building is reviving, all the entities involved should some responsibility.

Creating a guest post is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of time and demands proper research. Some tips to make your blog post more impactful are given in the points given below. Make sure to read and apply them to effectively build quality links through guest blogging.

  1. Study the requirement of the audience

If you are successful in curating out the needs and requirements of the users who visit the website, your content will guarantee to be read. No user just lingers around to read unless they really need to. If there is any suggestion given, the problem addressed and solved or any other niche is targeted then will be motivated enough to read the post.

So, provide the audience with what they need.

  1. Catchy Headlines

People do not read plain paragraphs. Headings, bullets, and numbering along with visual graphics compel them. So, try to give catchy and short headings that grab the attention of the user and bold them properly to stand out among the regular content.

  1. Research-based writing

Do not just write to write, write to inform, write to educate people. Do some in-depth research about the topic on which you decide to write. Showing the expertise to people helps to attract them and consider you as an opinion-maker too.

  1. Write relevant posts

Try to write for the audience that you are targeting. Know their mentality and educational level. Then, use the terms and vocabulary accordingly.

  1. Pick the ideas

While you are conducting research about your topic, start jotting down all those points that arise in your mind. Now, find answers to those questions and address them in your post.

  1. Back up your claims

All the links that you have used or claims that you have made, try to provide authentic sources to those. No one just believes a random fact until it is reported and cited one.

  1. Create a unique angle

Any topic that you are writing must have an unusual approach or way of thinking. Try to get that. Try to think out the box. And strive to write such a post that no one has heard or read about.

  1. Call to action

Your writing should not be a random puzzle of writing solved and written together. They should serve some purpose. To give the direction of purpose to the readers, add a call to action in the post and end with that to develop a flow.

  1. Benefit-oriented Post

Be empathetic when you finish making a draft of your blog post. Read as if your user is reading it and jolt down a minimum of six benefits that a user will get from reading your post.

  1. Proofread exhaustively

Do not forget to proofread your writing. You can also use some tools available online that will help you in correcting your grammar and general mistakes. You can use Grammarly too.

  1. Funnel Your Readers to a good ending

When you write any guest post, at the end of that post, a section is given to writing biography and you can also add a link. Do not forget to add a link to your own website.

  1. Reply to Comments

Guest blogging is not meant to just post and then forget about it. Instead, take regular follow-ups. Engage with people who comment. If any user has asked some queries, try to answer that in an effective way. Do not just cut-off from that post after writing.

Guest Blogging is also about engaging with people. So, whenever you find a reply under your post, try to answer that. If someone has praised your style and writing, greet back them with a thankyou note.

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