Young Mom Cries As She Receives New Designer Bag From Boyfriend

There were tears of pain, not joy, as Jade tried on her new handbag.

I personally cry tears of joy every time I am presented with a designer handbag for no reason, but in Jade Lagden’s case, the tears weren’t happy ones.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

The 29-year-old from London received a bright red Michael Kors tote from her boyfriend Tony. It was the perfect colour and size, and Jade wore it over her shoulder every single day.

However, after a few days of wear, Jade had an excruciating pain in the shoulder she carried her bag on. This awful pain would also shoot up her neck. Realistically, she blamed the pain on the fact that she was putting too many items in her new, large-sized bag. She thought once her shoulder got used to the new weight, the pulled muscles in her shoulder and neck would heal.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

Unfortunately, after six weeks with no relief Jade decided to have it checked out by a doctor who ordered a CT scan and bone scans.

Instead of causing her the pain, the handbag had actually highlighted the true source of her suffering: breast cancer.

Jade was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her liver and lymph nodes. The pain in Jade’s shoulder was linked to her liver, due to the nerve that connects the two body parts.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Jade’s first cancer diagnosis. Previously having battled with breast cancer in 2013, Jade had been in remission after radiotherapy, a mastectomy and a full breast reconstruction.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

Jade now credits her boyfriend’s thoughtful gift with getting her diagnosed quickly.

“I love it and if it wasn’t for my new bag, I might not have experienced such severe pain and my cancer could have spread further,” she says.

Jade is currently undergoing chemotherapy to reduce her tumors so she can spend as much time as possible with her 11-year-old son Taylor.

Simon Jacobs / Caters News Agency

This brave mom says she is now sharing her story in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness. Please follow in her footsteps and SHARE the story around so more people can see what happened.