You'll Think You Spotted Them All, But How Many Horses Are Actually In This Painting?

This puzzle is not as easy as it seems!

Everyone has seen those trending puzzles on Facebook where you’re supposed to spot anything from a dog to a panda in a sea of similar-looking figures. The internet is full of puzzles that are sure to test your eyes, so you better come equipped with that eagle-sharp vision!

You might think that puzzles like these are significantly trending these days, while that is true, they’re not an entirely new concept.

There have been examples of puzzles based on optical illusions that date back to the stone age, just like the camouflage-inspired puzzles that are circulating the web in recent months. These types of puzzles have been around for years!

To give a quick demonstration of this, we took a painting originally from 1979 that wouldn’t look too out of place when compared to the puzzles you see today.

In this example, you have to find out how many horses there are in the painting.

It looks like a normal colourful painting of horses next to a snowy mountain.

But what we want to know is, how many horses are there?

ArtUSABev Doolittle

You may think this is really easy at first.

You probably haven’t been asked to count horses since kindergarten. So it shouldn’t be too hard right?

Giphy NBC

The horses blend in with the rest of the painting pretty easily.

This makes it really hard to figure out how many horses there actually are, since you can’t be too sure if something is a horse, or actually a rock.

reddit | [deleted]20th Century Fox

So, who exactly is the artist behind this painting?

Painter Bev Doolittle is very famous for her paintings of horses that blend in with their backgrounds, but she’s also fond of natural scenes, where she likes to portray the spiritual relationship with nature- a recurring theme in Native American cultures.

ArtUSABev Doolittle

So why exactly did she choose horses?

One day she noticed a crowd of horses out into the meadows, and was intrigued by their curiosity, and felt like they were the ones who were observing her. She then decided to turn them into pintos, blending them against a rocky mountain background. This incredible form of camouflage allows them to hide in plain sight, giving them the advantage of being able to spot you before you could spot them.

Todds Road Stumblers

Do you think you’ve finally figured out how many horses there are yet?

Maybe you should take a second look before coming up with your final answer!

Giphy GQ
Giphy GQ

Here’s the solution!

There are in fact five horses in the painting. You may think that there are more, but an easy way to find out is based on how many heads there are in the painting.

ArtUSABev Doolittle

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