You Would Have Never Thought That These 4 Famous Athletes Also Have Music Careers

These sports stars turned musicians actually have some really amazing musical talent!

Who knew that so many athletes also dabble in music? Clearly, they were just born with way more talent than the average person!

The lifestyle that many athletes have can be great for music-making, considering there are hours of free time available during long bus rides, and down-time in between seasons that can make for the perfect time to practice.

The following athletes have taken advantage of all of their talents and established legitimate music careers alongside their regular sports jobs.

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Soccer Player Clint Dempsey

When the soccer star isn’t kicking the ball around with teammates, Dempsey records his own hip-hop music under his rapper alter-ego “Deuce.” He learned to freestyle when he was a young boy, but he only began seriously rapping in 2006 after Nike got him to record a single entitled “Don’t Tread” prior to that year’s World Cup.


Baseball Player Barry Zito

Zito learned the guitar while he was still in the minor leagues, then later began trying out some songwriting, too. It took until he officially retired from the sport in 2015 before he took music very seriously, resulting in his very first album, “No Secrets”.

Instagram | @barryzitomusic

Boxer Manny Pacquiao

It’s pretty common for Filipino sports stars to also branch out and merge with the entertainment world. Pacquiao released two extremely successful albums, Laban Nating Lahat Ito in 2006, and Pac-Man Punch in 2007. The talented superstar also records his own walkout music to play on fight nights. His track is named “Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino,” or in English, “I Fight for the Filipino People”.

YouTube | Lloyd Herrera

Baseball Player Bernie Williams

Williams was actually a musician before ever joining the New York Yankees back in 1991, and he attended a Puerto Rican art school named Escuela Libre de Musica at the extremely young age of 13 years old, so you know he has a lot of talent. Back in 2003, Williams released a jazz album, his first, called “The Journey Within”, followed by “Moving Forward”, his second. The latter album actually debuted as a Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz hit in the US, reaching #2 on the charts! He was also nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for the Best Instrumental Album in 2009.

Bernie Williams Official Website