You Haven't Lived Until You've Taken These 16 Life-Changing Trips

Bucket lists shouldn’t be left to when you’re 70!

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys, however as you age, it gets a lot more difficult to do…

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Bodies start to break down and make those adventurous, climbing-intensive holiday vacations become way harder to manage. A lot of people start a family, and that alone makes traveling much more…interesting.

However if you get a head start and plan from now, you can make the whole world your oyster! Take a look at the following mind-blowing vistas you absolutely need to visit, especially before life stops you!

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1. The Dead Sea

This particular destination is absolutely worth it even if your only goal is to completely float in its salty waters. The serene beach is just wonderful, and the history in the region is incredible! The sites date all the way back to the Biblical era, and contain landmarks from Roman and Greek periods.

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2. The Great Lakes

The five Great Lakes that sit along the US-Canada border contain more than a whopping fifth of all the fresh water in the world! The location is also extremely diverse, and borders some of the most iconic cities, such as Toronto and Chicago.

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3. Peru’s Machu Picchu

This Incan city dates back to the 15th century, and is definitely one of the bucket list must-haves. There’s a reason for that: sitting in between the surrounding mountains, the site takes us into the life of indigenous Americans prior to European colonization. Hiking along the rough and tough Incan Trail is always an option, however travelers can also hitch a ride on a bus.

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4. Alaska’s Denali National Park

If you love the great outdoors, nothing beats Denali. You have the options of climbing North America’s highest peak, or a quick overnight stay to see the famous and stunning Northern Lights. If you visit in the summer, you also get to enjoy 20 straight hours of sunshine daily.