Yet Another Teacher Arrested For Having An Inappropriate Relationship With A Student

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How many times will we have to hear about a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student? It seems like these stories just keep popping up!

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Trudy Hill taught English at Santa Teresa High School, San Jose.

Police investigations suggest that the sexual relationship between her and a 17-year-old occured sometime between August and November of 2016.

Not only did she initiate the relationship by sending inappropriate selfies to the minor, she is being accused of having oral sex with him as well.

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She surrendered to the police on December 8th, and has since posted bail. As expected, she is on leave from the school until the investigation, and possible trial, is complete.

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The San Jose school district has seen three other incidents of this nature, making this the fourth in the area.

Just what is going on over there?

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