'XXL' Dogs Maul Two-Year-Old In Horrific Incident

The irresponsibility on part of their owner is just horrible.

Also known as ‘American Bully dogs’, the breed is considered to be particularly vicious and is huge in size.

The dogs managed to go inside their neighbors’ house and attack two-year-old Ella while she was playing with her friends.

Image: Mercury Press

Liverpool Police charged their 35-year-old owner, Andre McGowan, on suspicion of keeping dogs out of control.

Officers also stated that Ella’s injuries could have been life threatening had her aunt not intervened.

Image: Mercury Press

Ella was flown to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. She is in serious, but stable condition.

Mark Wiggins of the Merseyside Police affirmed that there were 11 XXL dogs in the three-bedroom, mid-terraced house.

“There were 11 dogs in that property yesterday, either in the back garden or in the house.”

“We know five of them were adult dogs and six of them were puppies. We have had them assessed today and we can confirm they are not a banned breed.”

Image: PA

“What we believe at this time is that the dogs are American Bully dogs, and we need to do some more inquiries to establish exactly what the nature of that dog is.”

He went on to say, “There were three young children playing in that garden at the time, aged two, four and six and that the 57-year-old auntie who was in that property, was in the garden at the same time.”

“Now she’s managed to get the two older children back into the property unharmed but unfortunately she’s been hurt herself with minor injuries while she’s been trying to protect the two-year-old.”

Image: PA

“She [the girl] has got extensive injuries to her face, to her neck and to her body and only time will tell if she fully recovers from that attack.”

“We know one, if not more, of these dogs was involved in the attack but we need to establish what went on.”

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