World's Cutest Little Girl Freaks Out Over ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Surprise

Mom delivers the news that they are going to see the new film, and gets the sweetest reaction.

There’s no limit to the excitement around the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake. Disney fans of all ages have been flocking to the cinemas to relive the magic of Belle and her lovable beast. 


The 5-year-old girl in this adorable video might just be the most excited cinema-goer yet!

The video, filmed by Mom, starts with the sweet little girl sitting on the couch.

The cheeky mother tells her daughter that although they had planned to go and see the Beauty and the Beast, they were no longer going tomorrow. The little girl is obviously devastated as her face instantly drops.

But her grief is short-lived as Mom then tells her that they are going to see the movie tonight instead.

The daughter’s demeanour transforms from forlorn to ecstatic in seconds!

“I’m freaking out,” cries the girl as she paces the room.

“My heart is going really fast.” She tells her mother.

Of course, once she recovers from the shock, it was all about what dress to wear!

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