Working On School Project, Danish Boy Uncovers 1940s Plane Crash With Pilot Still Inside

Talk about an A++!

14-year-old Daniel Kristiansen simply hoped to complete a WWII assignment for school. Mentioning the topic to his father, Klaus, the Danish teen was reminded of the far too familiar tall tale passed down through generations. While no one truly believed the Kristiansen patriarchs, rumor had it the family farm was the site of a 1940s plane crash. Hearing the very distinct “beep, beep, beep” of his metal detector, Daniel made an incredible historic discovery … and an A+.

“When Daniel was recently given homework about World War II, I jokingly told him to go out and find the plane that is supposed to have crashed out in the field,” Klaus explained. “It was a tale his grandfather told the family, though one ever believed it.”

The 14-year-old did exactly that! Armed with a metal detector and some exceptionally vague longitudinal coordinates, Daniel and his father set out for the backyard. That seemingly simple decision changed their lives forever.

Suddenly, the metal detector went crazy! “Beep, beep, beep, beep,” it screamed at the duo. But Daniel and Klaus weren’t convinced quite yet. They’d have to see some physical evidence before admitting Grandpa had been telling the truth for the past 50-odd years. The search began.

One after another the 1940s artifacts emerged from the dust. Daniel collected scrap wings, propellers, engine equipment, you name it! He had it all … it being a Messerschmitt plane, to be exact. But that wasn’t all.

The 14-year-old dug a little deeper through history, stumbling upon the aircraft’s’ German pilot and a few of his personal effects to boot. From there, the authorities took over to conduct an official investigation.

All in all, Daniel and Claus took away one of life’s most valuable lessons: Grandpa was right. 

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