Woman's Step-Family Die Just Before Her Wedding, But Then She Gets A Big Surprise

This tearful bride finally got something to smile about

Life was not easy for Summer Myers. She had just attended the funeral of her stepmother and was set to get married the next day. As hard as that was, Summer had lost more. She now had a stepmother, stepfather, and a stepbrother who were not going to attend her wedding because they had also died in the preceding weeks. She was in an unfathomable amount of pain.


“I just came back in yesterday from her funeral, so to have the wedding today is just a lot to take in in one week,” said Myers in an interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas. “And to not have her here, or my stepdad, or my stepbrothers, it’s just a lot.”

She was set to get married to Christopher John Masters, an Airman Staff Sergeant by profession, in a humble, small wedding. Neither had the financial capital to give Summer the wedding she had dreamed of.

Summer’s friend Jody reached out to Fox 5 to help them with a simple cake, but they took things to a whole other level.

Even Jody didn’t know what they were up to. The squad gave Summer a complete makeover and put her in her very first limousine to get her to the wedding.

Summer, despite her suspicions, was still sure she was heading to her small wedding. She was completely surprised, as was her husband, when they realized their wedding was happening at Wayne Newton’s huge mansion.

Determined to outdo themselves, the Surprise Squad also gave the couple an unplanned honeymoon at a hotel nearby, all the while providing an amazing reception.

“I love how everything turned out, and I think those of us who weren’t able to be with us today were here with us in spirit,” said Summer. “Don’t ever give up on your big day.”

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