Woman's Dog Goes Missing, Then She Sees Someone Uploading Photos Of Him To Facebook

Losing a pet is always a terrible experience

One of the worst things a pet owner can imagine is their pet going missing.


Be it a pet running off deliberately or getting lost while wandering, the owner always feels devastated.

Living in Tampa, Florida, Brittany Hornsby had to go through the horror when her dog, Stripe, went missing. Stripe had been her companion for 14 years, and when she was unable to find him, Brittany felt heartbroken.

The thought of someone else finding him and keeping him haunted her because that meant she would never be able to see him again.

Chris Ankwiz, co-owner of Vet Care Express Animal Service, lived across town and found a stray dog that he thought he could help.

The dog was tired and dehydrated, so Chris started looking after him. After reviving the dog’s health, Chris uploaded some pictures of the pup in the hope that someone would recognize him.

By chance, Brittany came across the photos on Facebook, and she was relieved because the stray dog Chris had found was Stripe!

Brittany was once again reunited with Stripe with the help of Chris and Vet Care Express.

Surprisingly, this isn’t their normal routine with stray animals, but this time Chris decided to look after a pet that needed attention.

The video posted below shows this cute story and it will lift your spirits.

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