Woman Thinks Her Cat Has Snuck Into Bed With Her, Then Realizes The Horrifying Truth

It wasn’t her cat…

It can actually be pretty cool to have a pet snake, if, and only if, you have the technical know-how and are capable of caring for it.


However, when you’re sleeping in your house and a snake slithers inside and ends up in your bed, you might want to think about moving.

Friday, March 10 was the date that shook Christine Humphries’ life. Her exact words, “It gives me chills down my spine when I think about having a snake on my bed that was actually laying on me.”

A few loud storms had been disrupting her sleep, which had exhausted her. She lay down in bed to sleep.

Not a moment later she felt a sensation on her arm.

At first her mind thought “cat”, but to her shock, it definitely wasn’t a furry feline snuggling up close to her.

“I reached up and looked even farther, and when I raised my head up without moving my arm, whatever was in the bed raised up also, and it was a small head.”

When she flashed a light on the bed, she saw a three-foot-long snake next to her.

She yelled to her daughter, who then called the authorities. They arrived at the scene and “extradited” the rat snake out of the house. There were no injuries to Christine Humphries or anyone else in the vicinity.

“So I think I can mark that off my bucket list, not that it was ever there,” she added jokingly.

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