Woman Rushes To The Toilet With Stomach Cramps, Then Gives Birth To A Surprise Baby

The couple had no idea they were expecting!

Claire, a woman in the UK did not have it easy in 2000. She was struggling with numbness, paralysis and swelling and was consequently given a diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) when she was nineteen years old.

There was no cure for MS, but she was given help to contend with her disease. She was prescribed a variety of medication that would help her lessen the extent of her symptoms. After almost half a year, Claire resumed her job despite knowing that her MS could strike at any time.

Things started looking up however, as Claire met Paul at work and the two embarked on a relationship. Claire’s MS also went into regression and after 4 years of being together, Claire and Paul had a boy.

Claire’s pregnancy, by all accounts, was normal and there were no complications to worry about due to her history.

In March of 2005, however, things took a bad turn. Claire’s MS reared its ugly head and confined her to her bed. She now needed steroids to cope with her MS as she struggled with the affliction.

She also gained around 8 pounds in her fight with MS, and her menstrual cycle remained regular. One night Claire would wake up bleeding, with cramps in her abdomen “I feel like I’m in labor!” she screamed as she ran to the bathroom.

Paul rushed to the bathroom when he found out and discovered that Claire had given birth to a girl on the toilet. The coupled didn’t even know they were expecting!

Claire and Paul’s surprises were far from over however as this will undoubtedly be the weirdest pregnancy story you will ever hear.

A news outlet reported that the family was doing alright in 2006.

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