Woman Orders Pizza and Dominos Delivers $5,000 Instead

That’s one expensive order

One woman prepared for dinner, ordering a large pepperoni pizza, a liter of Pepsi, and $5,000 from Dominos; well, minus the $5,000. It didn’t really matter. They delivered the cash anyway. 


California resident Selena Avalos was excited to chow down on some hot and cheesy goodness from her local Dominos. Unfortunately, she’d have to skip dinner that night as the only thing inside her pizza box was $5,000.

Seeing the huge wad of cash, Selena knew she had to return it. With such a large amount, the stacks of bills couldn’t have been anything but the restaurant’s nightly deposit. They’d be missing it, right? Wrong. The saintly woman called the store, leaving a voicemail with her information on their machine. No one called her back … for three whole days.

“Wouldn’t they be thinking, “oh, where did that money go?’,” Avalos wondered. “Right away, or maybe the next day. But three days later, still nothing… that’s crazy.”

Still 100% determined to return the $5,000, Selena enlisted the help of a California news station. Surely their presence would guarantee a response. Surprisingly enough, her plan worked! Selena was able to get in touch with her store’s local headquarters.

Completely impressed with Selena’s honesty, they awarded complimentary slices, breadsticks, desserts, anything she wanted for the next 12 months, totally for free. The added bonus that came from the accidental delivery? One week of paid vacation. Apparently, the woman’s boss thought her good deed deserved some recognition as well.

Selena definitely won’t be skipping dinner for quite awhile.

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