Woman Is Stupefied By Anti-Meat Sticker On Bolognaise

She opened up the packet and saw a picture of a cow

What was supposed to be just another day for the 18 year old beauty therapist took her by surprise as she found herself being ‘emotionally blackmailed’ by a cow named Chloe on a pack of supermarket bolognaise.

Leah, from Leeds, UK, says that she was astounded after she removed the cardboard sleeve and found a message for her inside the packaging.

The message depicted a cow under duress, saying ‘My name was Chloe. I wanted to live! Your “personal choice” killed me. DON’T BUY IT!’


Leah did not appreciate the message which she claimed was an ‘aggressive guerrilla tactic’ akin to emotional blackmail.

She said she felt really horrible. Someone had put it there to make her feel like that. “I’ve seen and understand people’s opinions on eating meat,” she said.


“But doing something aggressive like that is almost like [emotional] blackmailing. It made me feel quite sick. I didn’t really feel like I wanted to eat that meal after that.”

“I didn’t know what it was at first when I opened it, it didn’t look part of the ready meal at all. Then I realized it was a sticker and just saw this picture of a cow.”

“I was really shocked. I called for [my boss] Charlotte to come and have a look.”

Charlotte Edon, a 32 year old who has worked with Leah for almost 3 years now, had a reaction very similar to Leah’s when she realized what was written on the note. She was horrified by the picture of the despondent cow that claimed it was their fault she died.

Charlotte said, “I didn’t know what it was at first. When I picked it up and realized it was a cow I threw it back down. It did shock me. I was scared, almost.”

“For me it was the picture of the cow and how they had written their message. It was very shocking, but also a very aggressive way to get their message across.”

The ready-to-eat food was picked up by Leah’s family at a Morrisons outlet at Horsforth, and she was about to eat it for her lunch on Friday when she discovered the message.


“My dad bought the meals, we usually have them in the freezer. We always shop at Morrisons as it’s always known to be good”

“We’ve still got a couple more in the freezer at home but I haven’t checked them yet to see if they had the stickers too. We contacted Morrisons and they said they were sorry.”

“We do wonder if anything was resolved – whether they found out if it was a member of staff that had put it there, or if it was a customer. You’d think they could have been caught on CCTV in the shop doing it.”

Leah and Charlotte, however, have not been persuaded by ‘Chloe’s’ message. Leah said “It did put me off eating that meal, but it hasn’t stopped me eating meat. You’d think they might have gone for some of the more obvious meat products like bacon.”

A Morrsions’ spokesperson later said, “Somebody has put a sticker for their campaign on the outside of a product in one of our stores. It doesn’t appear to be a wider issue than that.”

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