Woman Has Three Children And Wonderful Relationship, Then She Discovers Crippling Condition That Changes Her Life

This story will prove to you that love overcomes everything!

This incredible story is about love, hope and resilience. It’s the overwhelmingly touching story of a couple that has overcome the devastating and life-altering affects of neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder known to cause tumors that form above nerve tissue…

“I spotted her and said, that’s it. Prettiest thing I ever seen sitting up there,” Edward said in the footage below, remembering the wonderful moment he was introduced to his future wife Linda.

The pair from Puxico, Missouri got married back in 1969 since falling in love at the very first sight of one another.

But after giving birth to three kids, Linda’s biggest nightmare finally came to reality. Bumps started forming all over her body, reminiscent of a condition her mom had suffered from: neurofibromatosis.

If she actually inherited the condition, she knew that soon enough, non-cancerous tumors will continue on to cover her entire body.

The family then visited a neurosurgeon to get help and advice. The doctor didn’t only confirm her condition, but he had to drop another bombshell on her.

“One of these little tumors was in the water space of the brain,” Dr. Joel Ray stated. “She couldn’t walk anymore, she couldn’t think anymore. It causes a form of dementia and loss of function, and at the same time she’s being disfigured by the disease.”

“There was a time she couldn’t look at the clock and tell me the time,” recalled Edward.

However, Dr. Ray managed to perform a completely life-changing procedure that would relieve the pressure that the tumor put on Linda’s brain.

She was then able to start walking again, and her memory began to improve.

“You walk in the room and it’s not the same person; it’s emotional,” Dr. Ray said as he held back tears.

The couple managed to persevere, and now get to look forward to moving on with their lives!

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