Woman Goes Through Multiple Body Changes In Short Film

The lesson is the best part!

The movie starts with Anna getting ready for a date with Henry, a man she likes. It seems nothing is going her way, until Anna happens upon a fascinating observation: she can contort her bodily features at will.

Sandy Widyanata, writer and director of ‘Plastic’ released the clip in 2008 to shed light on the importance of women accepting themselves as they are to overcome their body issues.

The movie features Anna doing some pretty weird stuff. Her pulling her nose into an almost Pinocchio-level length and pushing up her neck to resemble a giraffe is comical, weird, and sometimes even grotesque.

Anna’s giddiness rises with each improvement she makes, as she feels that she looks better and that means that Henry will like her more for it.

However, when Henry arrives at Anna’s place, she takes a peek at the mirror and has a moment of realization. Check out the video to see what she does next. The movie even has some fun at the end.

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