Woman Feels Her Face Go Numb In The Car, Then Pulls Over To Film Herself Having A Stroke!

Her third one in three days, the woman knew what to expect.

Stacey Yepes wasn’t dealt the greatest hand in life. Having experienced two strokes in the past two days, she was more than equipped to diagnose the onset of a third … and she did. Once the tingling sensation set in, the 49-year-old knew just what to do. This time, she’d capture the entire event on tape. 


Truth be told, most people’s first response while having a stroke wouldn’t be to reach for a cell phone. But most people weren’t Stacey! As it turned out, that’s what saved her life.

Having survived two strokes already, the poor woman knew luck wouldn’t always be on her side and hatched a plan to guarantee otherwise.

Stacey had already visited the ER twice after similar episodes, each time leaving with a poor excuse and a misdiagnosis of “stress-related symptoms.”

There was no turning back now! If the 49-year-old wanted to learn the truth, she’d have to uncover it herself. The good news? She was entirely up for the challenge, determined to get the bottom of her health scares one way or another.

Stacey captured the perfect diagnostic footage for the medical team at Toronto Western Hospital. While filming her very own stroke, she managed to describe her symptoms in detail. It was exactly what doctors needed to make a positive diagnosis of transient ischemic attacks, or “mini-strokes.”

Tiny plaque deposits had clogged Stacey’s arteries over the years, causing the trio of attacks. Needless to say, the Canadian got the message.

Hearing her body’s cry for help, Stacey picked up the phone. You could say she made the right call.

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