Woman Embraces Her Battle Wounds After Breast Cancer With Beautiful Blooming Tattoo

She wasn’t going to let a mastectomy define her.

Mother of four and Irish proud, Sabrina Delvin was given the diagnosis no woman wants to hear. After a brave battle with breast cancer, she bounced back with a brand new take on life and a couple of blossoming reminders. 


After noticing a sizeable lump in her breast, Sabrina assumed the balled up tissue was an insignificant cyst and dismissed the other potentially depressing options. However, the Ireland native changed her mind after watching an inspiring Stand Up To Cancer TV commercial.

Sabrina made the trip to a local clinic to get the lump properly diagnosed. As it turned out, she did indeed have breast cancer.

“When you hear those words … it’s like an out of body experience for a few moments because it’s all movement and no sound, you see someone talking to you but you are numb,” she explained.

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Treatment began shortly after Sabrina’s visit, starting with a mastectomy. Once doctors had successfully removed the mass, the mom of four underwent a four-course round of radiotherapy as well as six months of chemo.

Thanks to Sabrina’s strength and bravery, she was able to overcome the disease and enter remission. Determined to get back what cancer took from her, she made the decision to have reconstructive surgery.

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“I wanted a breast shape again because I was so young,” Sabrina said. ” … I wanted to feel feminine.”

Unfortunately, the healing process didn’t go quite as expected. After extensive nipple reconstruction and surgical tattooing, her breasts still weren’t back to normal. That’s when Sabrina partnered with Here I Am, a support group dedicated to uniting cancer survivors in Northern Ireland.

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Participating in a national campaign against the disease, Sabrina volunteered to show her scars in a powerful photoshoot. The photos were simply beautiful.

Seeing the woman shine through her battle wounds, Here I Am asked if Sabrina might consider a second campaign. This one would involve an extensive and elaborate breast tattoo.

“It was something I had always thought about,” the cancer survivor commented.

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A few short hours of contemplation later, she made the decision to jump in head first. Sabrina even had a particular artist picked out that would be perfect for the job.

“I told them from the moment I agreed that I wanted Willy G, I have been following his work for ages and I knew he could do what I wanted,” she said.

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The hours of stenciling and precise needlework paid off. Sabrina’s tattoo was absolutely incredible and everything she’d wanted. The pale pink roses shadowed in shades of gray were the perfect bookends to close her journey with cancer.

“The end result, seeing her reaction, crying with happiness is the best reward an artist could ask for,” Willy G commented. “It was a pleasure to be part of this strong woman’s journey and to finally make her happy!”

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