Woman Dons a Fat Suit to Meet Tinder Dates as Part of an Experiment to See How They Would React

Study shows that men who use dating apps are afraid their dates will be overweight!

Online dating has been pretty popular since the early days of the Internet.

Matching sites that used sophisticated algorithms to match compatible couples became all the rage. That is until mobile technology changed the way the game is played and a slew of new age mobile apps revolutionized the online dating world!

Leader among these apps is Tinder, which allows users to swipe through the photographs of potential dates and decide their interest based solely on the image.

More than 10 million people a day used Tinder in 2015. Emerging from this usage is a theory that when it comes to meeting someone through the app, women’s biggest fear is that their date will turn out to be a serial killer, while men fear that their dates will be overweight.

With this knowledge, the team behind the dating website ‘Simple Pickup’ did a social experiment to find out what men and women would do when their dates didn’t match up with their Tinder profile photos.

The video below shows a slim woman named Sarah, who is dressed in a fat suit before meeting her dates. Hidden cameras have been set up close to the meeting point to capture her dates’ response to how differently she looks to the photos they saw and liked.

One is heard asking about the age of her Tinder pictures, while another inquires into whether she is pregnant.

Only one of the dates actually stays to enjoy an entire conversation with Sarah though he can’t stop himself from asking her if she likes to eat!

Some people debated whether the experiment was fair and questioned the validity of judging the behaviour of the male dates, who had been lied to. On the other hand, however, others found the male responses to be downright cruel and offensive.

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