Woman Caught Attempting To Enter The UK Concealing £1m Worth Of Smuggled Cocaine In Personal Luggage

She denies all knowledge of the drugs

An Australian traveling into the UK will face over 20 years in detention after allegedly being involved in smuggling an estimated £1,000,000 worth of cocaine into London from Columbia.


Cassandra Sainsbury, the 22-year-old Australian woman, was spotted and arrested at Bogota’s international airport last month when the X-ray machine revealed the concealed cocaine stored and wrapped in 18 individual packages within her personal luggage.

The woman’s family responded to the arrest claiming their daughter had been set up during her working holiday spent in South America in pursuit of promoting and advancing in personal training.

Her family claims she was unaware of the presence of the narcotics, believing those packages, containing an estimated 6kg of cocaine each, were in fact pre-wrapped headphones she intended to deliver as gifts for beloved guests attending her approaching wedding ceremony.

Cassandra’s sister, Khala Sainsbury, posted her reaction to the incident on social media stating: “Our hearts break, because we know she is innocent, but stands little chance of proving it in such a corrupt country.”

Doubts The Bogota International Airport Police department and anti-narcotics head, Lt Col Jorge Triana, presumes Cassandra’s claim of innocence to be most likely untrue.

She stated: “Everyone who is caught says exactly the same thing.”

“But they know what they’re doing.”

She also clarified that the police department has arrested a total of 19 drug mules of foreign backgrounds within the past year.

Cassandra Sainsbury, was detained on April 12, and has since been relocated to an all-women’s penitentiary in the capital of Bogota.