Woman Breaks Down After Being Forced To Remove Her Facepaint and Makeup For The First Time In Several Years

Toshi found confidence and — in expressing herself through her eccentric, painted face…

Toshi is an artist and hairstylist with quite an unconventional look…


Years and years ago, Toshi began painting her face to create an eccentric, doll-like image that brought her a great deal of confidence, and fans. However, for a while now, she’s been concerned that her artistic look causes others to dismiss her actual talents, and treat her like a circus act.

Recently, she decided to appear on the TLC show, “Love, Lust, or Run”. The show sees stylist Stacy London help women simplify their look through a ‘makeunder’; getting rid of unnecessary accessories, makeup, and outlandish fashion choices. Stacy’s aim is to let women discover and embrace their inner beauty.

Toshi says she has never let anybody see her without her makeup, and doesn’t know how to show herself as a worthy person without it.

When it came time for her makeunder, she’s overwhelmed with emotion and breaks down in tears. “Taking all this away is so weird to me.” 

Of course, she’s absolutely gorgeous without her makeup, but she admits to Stacy how uncomfortable the bare look makes her feel – and how she doesn’t feel like herself at all.

As beautiful as she is without the makeup, there’s no denying that Toshi’s unique style is pretty impressive. We hope she keeps doing whatever she needs to do to feel confident in her body!

Check out the emotional segment from “Love, Lust, or Run” below!