Woman Adopts A Boy With No Nose, But She Only Gets To Spend One Month With Him

As soon as she saw him, she knew she needed to look after him

Jay was born in China with a physical deformity that led to him being abandoned by his family. Fortunately, he was able to find a temporary home in America, but is still waiting for his forever family.


Jay is now 5 years old. He was born in China and swiftly abandoned by his parents. Why? Well, Jay was born with an extremely rare physical deformity that means he has no nose. Only 44 people on the planet have been born with this problem! His deformity also means that he is blind.

Jay spent a few years at an orphanage before eventually being included in a fostering program in the United States. He was flown over to America, where he met Amanda, who instantly knew that she had to become his foster mom.

Sadly, Amanda is only able to provide temporary care for Jay, but she and her husband Gary are working to help him find a forever home and a loving family.

In the video below, we see Jay having fun with his foster parents. He’s a cheerful young boy and any family would be lucky to have him. We can only hope that he finds a new home very soon!

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