With Finals Just Around The Corner We Look At The Purgatory Students Are In

Don’t even ask why!!!

There’s something about finals week that makes students not  want to study, more so than any other time of semester. Maybe its the sheer horror one faces when receiving finals timetables. Whatever it is, these pics sum it up best.

I was definitely the one on the right.

Twitter | @Frat_Dao

Law school turns you into a medieval, unrecognizable zombie!

Twitter | @AshleyRae_

Are you in a mood or what?

Twitter | @mikavellii_

War forges strong bonds among us all.

Twitter | @rogerstrand97

Looking for that small ray might save you.

Twitter | @amanda_p

Diego is gone…

Twitter | @TheDiegoFranco

Judgment goes completely out the window in finals week.

Instagram | @9isah4

Eat your worries away; you have all of summer to shed it off!


Strong men and women cry… during finals.

Twitter | @freydayy

Well, they tried…

Reddit | @nyohannes

I used to do this math before every paper…

Twitter | @crissycano



Finals make you downgrade to human waste disposal.

Instagram | @niclafine

WALKING! But barely…

Twitter | @OnlyInBOS

These students feel you, Sansa…

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