Wife Thinks She's Talking To Soldier Husband In South Korea. But He's Right Behind Her.

Wife received a surprise all the way from South Korea for the Holiday Season…

The Holidays are a time when everyone likes to be surrounded by their loved ones. But a lot of brave men and women sacrifice that special privilege so that others may enjoy the luxury of family and safety.

This is a sentiment that Samantha Haddon can appreciate especially well.

During a Houston Texans organization game held on the 18th of December, she was brought out to the field along with her son to receive an honorary recognition and a game ball. She is the wife of Army Specialist Robert Haddon, and Samantha was accepting the ball on behalf of her husband who was stationed in South Korea at the time.

At least, that’s what Samantha thought.

A video broadcast from Robert Haddon was flashed on the big screen wherein he sent his regrets for not being present with his family at that moment.

However, he ended the message in quite an odd note, saying, “wait right there.”

Soon the crowd erupted in cheers, and as Samantha turned around to observe the object of their excitement, she found her husband running over towards her.

She was so surprised that she left her baby behind as she sprinted across the field towards her husband.

The entire stadium applauded them on as they leapt into each other’s embrace,

As the video ends, the Mom can be heard saying, “I’m sorry! Look, it’s Daddy!”

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