Wife Bursts Into Tears After Husband Surprises Her With Brand New Puppy The Day After Family Dog Died

He’ll always be their Christmas puppy.

Alan Jackson knew just how much his wife loved their family dog. After the pup’s death, Alan knew she would overwhelmed with grief and devastation for weeks, if not months to come. With the hope to alleviate some of her pain, he got the love of his life a new four-legged friend to nature and care for.

Holiding the golden retriever pup in one hand and a handwritten sign in the other,  Alan waited for his wife to come into the living room. At the sight of the dog, she instantly burst into tears and fell to the floor. It’s pretty clear her husband came through with one of the best Christmas presents of all time.

After helping his wife wipe away the tears of joy, Alan mentions he’s ‘been calling the retriever ‘Marlin.’ That tiny detail sealed the deal. The family of two, once more, became a family of three. 

Watch the heartfelt Christmas moment caught on camera!