When Thirsty People Start Texting

Some people need to down a BIG jug of cold water!

In case you don’t know what thirst is, it’s when someone’s desperately looking for some action or attention.

You’ve probably encountered quite a few thirsty people, especially online. They’re the ones who will send you a creepy private message, even though you didn’t ask for one. You may also find a few unasked for and very unwelcome pictures in your inbox of their genitals. Basically, they are thirsty and they don’t really care who they creep out!

Here are some people who need a big jug of ice cold water.

He looks like he’ll need the Pacific Ocean to quench his thirst…

Tumblr | thirstiestmenofinstagram

Hmm, he looks a little thirsty.

Twitter | @StrikeyStrikes

This is preferable to dick pics, to be honest.

Imgur | johnnyo66

There’s no getting out of the Brotherzone!

Instagram | @theshaderoom

Dude, people died!

Reddit | NiceLaser

My dad bought that the same car for my sweet sixteen. :’)

Instagram | @unpasturizedmilk

Good food isn’t all that he’s offering.

Reddit | freeze123901

Why have one guy when you can have more?

Facebook | Luna Sobieski

Old and thirsty.

Instagram | @hoodshiet

Technically, she didn’t lie.

Imgur | muukzor

Cats are way cuddlier anyway.

Imgur | kittysprankles

She clearly has experience with such guys.

Imgur | HerrWombat

Hungry zombies or thirsty One Direction fans?

Twitter | @PaulTinker1980

Even celebrities get a little thirsty.

Tumblr | thirstiestmenofinstagram

This relationship is probably not going to last very long.

Reddit | TheStoneyVibes

Probably scarred the kid for life.

Imgur | IHeardItThroughTheGrapevine

Yup, no Twitter here!

Twitter | @Andersondamian_

At least he’s consistent.

Reddit | MarkDG

These boys sure are subtle.

Imgur | SSJMabo

He’s just doing what he was asked.

Imgur | quantim

Sleep > everything else.

Imgur | Blaperman

When you have to navigate your thirst.

Reddit | daltronator

He got what he deserved!

Reddit | hippolove

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