When Things Get Creepy In Funeral Homes

What about working with dead bodies as a career path?

Funerals are not something people look forward to. Still, the funeral business has to be run by someone and it can’t be the grim reaper himself.

Morticians and funeral directors work every day with dead bodies and have to get used to it. It’s creepy, but it’s their job. But even then, dead bodies are still pretty scary and some funeral workers have seen some pretty scary shit on the job. Bizarre coincidences, bodies making weird sounds, they’ve seen it all! Here are some of the terrifying stories.

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Morticians have a pretty disgusting job.

Dealing with dead bodies is one thing, but morticians also have to get used to being covered in blood, vomit, and feces by the time they’re finished with a body.

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Prepping your own loved one can really take a toll on you.

Apparently, one funeral worker used to love her job, until she was given the task of prepping her own son’s body.

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Moving and sitting corpses!

Rigor mortis has scared the heck out of more than a few funeral workers, but probably not enough to surprise experienced funeral workers.

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Stealing coins off corpses?

Coins were put on a corpse’s eyes to keep them from opening. However, that attracted thieves. One ingenious funeral home owner pretended to be dead and yelled, “Hey! Gimme me back my coins” when the thief showed up. It’s safe to say the trick worked and the thief never came back!

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Funerals involving animals are not always a good idea.

At one funeral procession, the hearse was being pulled by a horse, but the driver was impatient and ended up killing the horse!

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Dead bodies with erections!

No, the corpse is not turned on. It is called “angel lust” and happens when a body is prepared a certain way.


Dead bodies that cry out!

That is not true, so don’t worry. However, if they do still have some air in their lungs, they will make a gurgle or moan, or can even shudder.


One funeral, two bodies.

A son who struggled with his drinking was attending his father’s funeral, slumped in a chair afterwards. When his wife went to wake him up, he had been dead for an hour.

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Some corpses want to hold your hand.

A tissue recovery tech once got the fright of his life when a donor wrapped his fingers around his hand while they were shaving him. Again, this is rigor mortis, but it’s very creepy.

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Release doves, get attacked by hawks!

One family did release some, and that is exactly what happened to them!

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Twin attending the funeral of his twin.

The live twin brother was dressed in the same outfit as the deceased twin brother.

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No eyes for you.

An assistant was asked to clean a corpse’s eyes, but when they opened the lids they discovered the eyes had already been removed.


Midnight corpse delivery.

A funeral director ran out of space in her San Diego facility, so had to drive to LA with 11 corpses in her van. At midnight. Sounds like a Stephen King novel come to life!

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Old cemeteries can drop you down into a grave.

Old graves can sometimes collapse, as one poor little girl found out. When she was pulled out, the poor thing came up with an arm bone attached to her!

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Some people have odd last requests.

An elderly woman had a glass eye and wanted it kept wide open for the funeral. Probably to scare her guests one last time. What a fun old lady!

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