When People Thought They Were Taking a Picture with a Celebrity

Oh boy.

I’m still not sure how I would react if I met a celebrity, but I do fear mistaking someone as a celebrity. Now, that would be embarrassing. There are so many lookalikes and they’re so easy to be mistaken for people who they’re not.

These people did end up in such situations and I can feel the embarrassment simply by looking at the pictures.

She needs her eyesight checked for sure.

Reddit | panda_nectar

Uh… honey, you’re so wrong!

Reddit | Brizin

Almost there…

Reddit | jamibark_au

Drake’s elder brother, maybe?

Twitter | @GinoTheGhost

Oh look, another Drake lookalike!


Dwight Howard cleared the situation up nicely.

Reddit | [deleted]

Well, he’s got the facial hair on point.


Reese Witherspoon got an eyebrow ring?

Reddit | hawkstyles

The glasses look similar, but that’s it!

Twitter | @emilyabdalla

“Dj kalled”

He was bound to get the wrong person with that spelling…

Twitter | @totaIdadmoves

Not everyone with red hair is Ed Sheeran!

Reddit | sussurrando


Reddit | BoredAtWork221b

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