When A Young Woman With Autism Discovered Her Love For Cats, She Found Her Voice

She is especially fond of black cats!

Communication can be a challenge for people with autism. But for Jordan, who was practically non-verbal before discovering her love of cats, being able to play, care for and interact with cats has helped her find her voice!


Jordan has lived at Mychal Learning Place in Hawthorne, California, a center that helps both children and adults with learning disabilities live independently, for almost a decade.

Although she had learned how to care for herself and could cook, make her bed, and manage her personal hygiene, there was still something missing from Jordan’s life. That is, until she discovered her love of cats, especially black ones!

The opportunity to volunteer at Adopt & Shop, an animal rescue and non-profit shop for pet items, has given Jordan a new lease on life. Although she still doesn’t talk a lot, her vocabulary has increased a great deal and she is more open, especially around the kitties, who she supports with much-needed human interaction and socialization skills.

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