What This Popular Jewelry Trend Actually Means

This style of ear piercing is trending for an unusual reason

If you love to express yourself through body art and piercings, and also happen to suffer from migraines, you will want to read on!

Power of Positivity

Daith piercings, which is the term given to piercings that go through the ear cartilage right next to the canal, have existed for around 3,000 years but weren’t actually given the “daith” title until the 1990s. The popularity of ear piercings like this one usually revolves around fashion and style, but there is another great reason for this particular piece of jewelry.

Piercing the cartilage of the ear in this specific way is actually able to relieve pain, almost like acupunture. Acupuncturists often target this pressure point on patients who suffer from migraines.

By piercing the skin in this area, vessels open up around the needle, stimulating blood flow to the tissues. While there has been no formal study done to prove the validity of this treatment, countless people have reported little to no migraines post-piercing.

If you have ever had a migraine before, you know just how unbearable the pain can be. So, even if there’s a chance of this piercing helping to reduce the discomfort, it’s worth a shot!

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