Weatherman Replies To Viewer's Comments With Hilarious Live Rant

Paul Konrad defends his reporting and beard

WGN weatherman Paul Konrad should be used to viewer comments by now, but that didn’t stop him going on a rant while live on air.

The rant was spurred on by one viewer’s comments about his beard and weather reports,

The viewer said that his reports were stating obvious facts about the weather, Mr Konrad responded to this by saying that he was simply doing his job.

This comment, however, wasn’t the one that that spurred on the rant. The viewer went on to state that Konrad’s beard made him look old and that he should shave it off, and that’s when he really lost it.

Mr Konrad went on air to reply to this outrageous comment by saying he is happy with who he is and as a 52-year old he doesn’t need to look like a 30-year old anymore.

He referred to the viewer as a ‘moron’ and told them to ‘stick it’ live on air in the light-hearted rant that had his colleagues in stitches.

The moral of this story? Insult a man’s beard at your own risk.