Watch This Insanely Adorable Baby Elephant Try to Scare Tourists on a Bus!

His attempts at trying to be scary are just too cute…

This baby elephant decided that he wanted to take care of himself in the most adorable way…


As a group of nature tourists were on a bus safari tour in Kruger National Park in South Africa, they stumbled upon a herd of elephants. Most elephants in the area don’t really bother with tourists as they don’t mind their presence, one little tough guy decides that he wanted to shoo them away.

The adorable calf, still a small baby, runs out of the bushes and begins charging at the parked vehicle. He runs to them at full speed, but then he stops in a sudden move. As the realization that the tourists weren’t afraid of him even one bit hits him, he decided to give it a second go and charge at them again, this time coming closer. Again, he realized that he wasn’t as intimidating as he thought, and then did what any little one would do- run to mommy!

The baby one’s attempt to scare off tourists was completely adorable, but we should always remember that while this calf was still small, a charging elephant can be very dangerous. Like the video’s description warns, “If an elephant charges and its ears are pinned back, it means business. If it charges with ears fanned out, it indicates a mock charge.” In this video, however, the baby’s ears were fanned out, so were not a cause for alarm- he seemed to be just playing around.

This one will surely make you smile:

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