Watch This Frustrated Giraffe Make a Scene, and His Adorable Friend Try to Help Him Out!

Teamwork goes across all species!

Ever felt so annoyed that you just had to do something about it? Apparently even giraffes feel it too!


While we can get in trouble for exploding out at something that annoys us, at least giraffes don’t have to deal with that part. You can’t really punish a giraffe, can you? Plus, they’re just too adorable!

This poorly built gate was originally meant to keep giraffes from entering and exiting their enclosures whenever they please, but it wasn’t really doing its job. One day a female giraffe, after what we can guess was built up frustration from the broken gate, decided that she had enough. She was going to go head on with the gate, making sure to get rid of it once and for all. She managed to break through it pretty easily, but another fellow giraffe decided he would try to help too. Don’t you just love when animals show teamwork and try to help each other?

We’re still not sure if the friend was trying to help her, or help the humans by fixing the gate after her, but it was a cute gesture nonetheless! Of course, his carpentry skills were not the best as giraffe’s don’t have hands like us, and he was unable to fix it. He actually only seemed to make it worse!

Watch his terrible attempt below!

Source: NataliaCara on Rumble


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