Warrior Cat Has to Have Leg Amputated, You'll Never Believe How He Gets Through His Disability

Tiger shocked his caregivers by overcoming his struggle in an amazing way.

A brave cat named Tiger was admitted to the animal hospital with a serious infection.


According to footage dated November 24, 2016, the adorable striped cat showed up in critical condition and the vets gave her some much-needed care right away.

It became clear that the infection had grown so much that, if not treated properly, it would spread throughout the animal’s body and possibly become fatal. The vets knew that they had to amputate the leg.

The surgery went well, and everything seemed to be fine, but then the doctors began noticing that poor little Tiger’s health was suffering.

The infection, it seemed, had already reached his bloodstream, resulting in one more battle for the little guy to overcome.

As Tiger was fighting for his life, the vets did their best to clean him and give him the best care they could. It was now only a matter of time before they would find out his fate.

Fortunately, time did in fact heal his wounds, and Tiger made significant improvements.

He was healthy, although he now had to adjust to his new condition- he was left with only one leg. The vets and caregivers knew it would take time. He made a few attempts to stand, he slid around a bit, and at first it seemed like the adjustment would be very difficult. But what Tiger did next defied everyone’s expectations.

They say cats have nine lives, and Tiger seemed to have already lost two of them. Despite his traumatic illness and new condition, he managed to find a way to climb into his cage, proving that he is a tough cookie to break.

In the surprising video below, Tiger grabs a hold of the metal cage with his fluffy little paws, and works his way up to the top, one bar at a time. The first time he does it, he grabs a sheet from within the cage, slips and falls down. Persistent and willing, he wasn’t about to give up.

One of the caregivers brings Tiger back to the bottom of the cage, and in an instant, the furry one climbs right back up. He reached his cage in a victorious effort.

Since his hospitalization, Tiger has been adopted and is living happily with his one leg.

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