Waitress Is Kind To A Lonely Old Veteran, So He Leaves Her All His Money

Nobody else showed him as much kindness as this waitress

WWII veteran Walter Swords wasn’t a very popular guy. He was rude and mean to most people, but one waitress at his local restaurant always made sure to treat him with respect and kindness. When he passed on, the waitress was shocked to learn that she had inherited his fortune.


The story happened in the town of Brownsville, Texas, or more specifically at Luby’s restaurant. It was there that Walter “Buck” Swords first encountered waitress Melina Salazar.

Swords was a veteran of the Second World War and was well-known in the area for being overly mean and demanding. He was often rude to the servers and always asked that his food be served as hot as possible.

Many of the servers did their best to avoid Swords whenever he came into the restaurant, but Salazar didn’t mind. She went out of her way to make him happy, serving him with a friendly smile and attitude every single time.

Salazar had the patience and the grace to deal with Swords’ attitude. She ignored his mean comments and always sought to treat him politely and meet his demands.

Salazar thought she was doing just her job, but she didn’t realize how much of an impact she had on this lonely old man’s life. One day, when Swords stopped coming to the restaurant, Salazar noticed his obituary written in the local paper. Then she got a call to say that he had left his $50k fortune and car to her.

It turns out that Swords was just a lonely man, and Salazar was one of the few people in the world to treat him nicely. This just shows that, even if people can appear mean and grouchy on the outside, we never know how they feel on the inside. So it’s always good to stay positive and be nice to each other.

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