Wait! Don't Throw That Away! Here Are 18 Things You Can Transform Into Something Awesome

This list will have you saving every little thing to transform into something even cooler than it originally was!

There are the types of people who throw things out the second they’re of no use to them, then there are those who hoard used items in hopes that one day they’ll need them again. The following ideas will have you saving every little thing to transform into something useful, efficient, and beautiful! 

Find that nice middle ground between being wasteful and hoarding, and turn your used items into something that will accent your living room, be useful in the kitchen, or simply sit on the shelf and look gorgeous.

Here are some things you don’t have to throw away, but can instead transform into something awesome!

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1. Transform your soda boxes into pencil cases.

The Creative Itch Boutique

2. Turn that boring easy-to-rip lantern into a permanent fixture.

Design Sponge

3. An old button-up blouse you don’t wear anymore can be the perfect pillowcase.

Country Living

4. Preserve the end bits of old candles, along with their jars, and create completely new candles.

Happy Go Lucky Blog

5. Recycle used milk jugs and make them into hanging planters.

Eyes on Nature