Volleyball Player Performs National Anthem When CD Won’t Play

Not letting a malfunctioning CD ruin the game, Marina Garcia saves the national anthem

When a CD player wouldn’t work at a school volleyball match, one player stood up and delivered the song herself.

YouTube/ABC News

Everyone was standing before the start of a high school volleyball match, waiting for the national anthem to begin. Unfortunately, the CD player wouldn’t work. That’s when Marina Garcia, one of the young players, went for it!

She took the microphone and started singing. Marina said that she wasn’t nervous, just excited at the idea of being able to sing. Someone recorded her impromptu performance and it has since gone viral. Garcia was jubilated to be of assistance.

Garcia stated that she couldn’t have asked for more. She went on to say that everyone wore smiles during her performance and that some of them had even shed a tear. Later, many people from the audience approached Garcia, telling her that what she did had given them chills and inspired them.

Marina knew the song word for word, never missing a beat during the entire performance. She said the song means a lot to her because she has so many people in her life who have fought for the national anthem and the country it represents.

Garcia believes that this is one moment in volleyball that she’ll always remember.

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