Victoria's Secret Angel Proudly Poses With All Her Stretch Marks

This model has stretch marks and she isn’t afraid to show it!

Most would say that stretch marks are an imperfection. We don’t entirely agree, though. Stretch marks are natural. They simply mean that some parts of one’s body grew faster than normal.

While stretch marks are hated by most women, they have slowly become more accepted. They are a normal phenomena and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, some women are now flaunting their stretch marks, proudly calling them their “stripes”.

Unfortunately, the media still often chooses to cover them up, even if people have come to terms with them.

Stretch marks: We all have them, and we all know what they look like.

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They’re mostly found around the hips, chest, butt, and thighs. And have been deemed “ugly”, even though they’re very much natural and not unsightly at all.


But women are changing their perspectives of stretch marks, and of how others see them.

They’re now calling them their very own “tiger stripes”. And that name is rightly earned.

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This Victoria’s Secret angel takes things to the next level. Jasmine Tookes shows us how truly magnificent her “stripes” actually are.

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She was the lucky model who wore the ultimate Fantasy Bra that cost $3 million and was made purely out of precious emeralds and diamonds.

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She flaunted the bra in one of Victoria’s Secret’s promotional photo shoots for a fashion show and looked as stunning as ever!

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But that wasn’t even the best part about the shoot. Jasmine’s stripes took our breath away!

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Her stretch marks became the talk of the town, and we love how she proudly shows them off, trusting that they’re perfectly gorgeous.

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What’s even better is that she’s the first of Victoria’s models of color in nine years to strut in the Fantasy bra!

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There are so many beautiful things about Jasmin Tookes and her photographs. A tweet said, “So glad Jasmine Tookes got the Fantasy bra! Reppin’ girls of color and wearing her stretch marks proudly!”

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Someone else tweeted, “This photo of Jasmine Tookes is now my favorite of any Victoria’s Secret Angel ever because you can see stretch marks AND THAT…IS REAL!”

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Hopefully, this will go a long way to change the way people look at stretch marks.

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