Unanswered Questions About Our World That Stump Even Scientists

How can people go about their daily lives when there are so many crazy phenomena that remain a mystery?

No matter how strange these things may seem to us, there are so many unanswered questions that may forever be unknown to the world…

So, prepare to be astonished by how absurd our world really is. Maybe some time in the future we’ll finally be able to fully understand how our world works.

The origins of civilization began with the Sumerians, and yet their origins and language remain a mystery.

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Sumerians are known to be the civilization that Assyria and Babylon based their cultures on. They were the pioneers of a number of fields such as physics and astronomy.

Until this day, we still don’t know how exactly this society formed, and is believed to be one of the hardest questions left for experts to answer. Experts have had their efforts of finding a link between Sumerian language and other languages fall short.

Do animals really have the ability to sense earthquakes?

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Household pets have been known to act strangely right before natural disasters ever since the time of the ancient Greeks.

And scientists have yet to know why! Mainly due to the fact that actually conducting an experiment to prove this phenomena is practically impossible, since we don’t have the ability to trigger earthquakes.

One theory by scientists is that before an earthquake, charged particles are released into the air and are the reason behind why animals react this way. However, this theory has yet to be proven.

Can robots and humans potentially gain the ability to hold conversations with one another?

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The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously moving forward, but will it ever reach a point where robots are considered equals to humans?

As of now, all projects that have taken place to try and “teach” AI to be able to hold a discussion with humans have been unsuccessful.

What exactly is this star jelly substance often found on grass?

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Across the world, people have discovered a weird substance seemingly made of jelly in their gardens. After being analyzed, scientists found hints of bacteria along with worm DNA. This may be due to the samples being already covered with ground.

The strange substance is believed to be formed by amphibians or blue-green algae. Another theory is that is it actually a new formation of fungus.

Scientists have yet to have an answer to the jelly substance. With claims that the matter originated from meteorites and made its way to Earth, it was named “Space Jelly.”

Why do women have large breasts?

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Just like female apes, a woman’s breasts only ever produce milk during the nurturing phase. However, different to animals, women continue to have relatively large breasts even outside of the nurturing phase, and experts still don’t know why.

The main theory recognized in evolutionary biology is that a women’s breasts are there to attract males, with males subconsciously preferring women with bigger breasts as it signifies their potential to nurture children.

It is believed by anthropologists, however, that this is not the case since in many different cultures, a female’s breasts are not seen to be sexually arousing for men.

Does anyone know what Mars’ dark spots are?

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It was announced by scientist studying Mars that the flow of water was the reason behind dark strips appearing on the planet.

It has been discovered that the markings show up on Mars’ slopes during spring time and later vanish around the winter season, with this process reoccurring in the identical spots every year.

It’s still not known why this occurs. However, there are experts that have denounced the theory that water is what is causing this.

What were the roots of life?

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It is currently believed that the beginning of life came to be from non-organic composites made by chemical and physical processes.

However, we still cannot figure out what sets apart living creatures from non-living matter. The theory behind how genetic information was able to be passed on by molecules is also yet to be understood.

How was Saturn’s massive hexagon created?

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The 25,000km in diameter hexagonal cloud that formed on Saturn is considered to be an incredible atmospheric wonder.

Even considering that scientists were actually able to simulate this system under laboratory conditions, they still have no idea why it’s appearance is so beautiful and why it has continued to exist for as long as it has.

What’s the reason behind whales hurling themselves onto beaches?

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Why dolphins and whales do this has confused people since the times of Aristotle. After getting trapped in shallow waters, they end up dying soon after. There are many theories behind why this action occurs:

  • Because of shifts in winds, planktons are driven towards shores which results in animals becoming enticed into heading towards dry land.
  • Somehow sun storms affect these mammals.
  • Due to attacks on them by predators.
  • Their capability of being able to position themselves is damaged by noise pollution.

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