"Ugly" Cat Finds Loving Home

Romeo was abandoned due to his deformities

A very resilient little kitten, now named Romeo, has conquered all odds to find himself a loving home.

This tiny ginger kitten, along with his brothers and sisters, was found after being abandoned on the street. The kittens were put up for adoption and while the others quickly found homes, Romeo was left behind due to his facial deformities.


Laura Llacer, owner of Santuario Compasion Animal rescue center in Spain, heard about Romeo’s plight and simply couldn’t say no to the so-called “ugly” kitten. Romeo has settled in nicely at the center, which mostly looks after unwanted farm animals, and spends his days playing and fighting for the attention of the volunteers.


Despite his facial deformities, Romeo is just as playful and affectionate as any other kitten.

Romeo’s new owners are hoping the tale of this little guy will help put an end to pet prejudice.

Take a look at this video and see for yourself, he is truly adorable.