Two Singles Try Online Dating, But Had No Idea They Used To Be Preschool Sweethearts 30 Years Ago

This story is absolutely heartwarming- It’s truly a small, small world!

In 2014, a pair of single 30-somethings from Florida decided to give online dating a shot…


The moment Justin looked at Amy’s photo on her profile, he was already entirely smitten. Even she was interested right away. The two definitely had chemistry, and it was clear throughout all their conversations.

From their very first meeting, Amy had this gut feeling telling her that the man she met would be her husband.  “It was like I had known him my whole life,” she said to PEOPLE.

Their relationship was wonderful, and it seemed like marriage was on the horizon. However one year since their first date, Justin and Amy made an incredibly shocking discover during one of their car rides.

Justin mentioned in a casual way that he always loved her name, even since he had been a young boy. Why? In preschool Justin had an adorable little crush on a classmate named Amy. The two had always sat together in lunch, even playing games during their recess. After 30 whole years, he continued to remember his sweetheart from preschool.

Out of complete curiosity, the couple went home to get their parents to sift through some photos of when they were children.

Justin’s mom then handed Amy one photo from his preschool years. The moment Amy took a closer look, she bust out in tears!

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