Tweets That Show How Funny Women Can Be

It’s all out in the open!

Bosoms, lady parts, that time of the month — for too long we’ve glossed over female realities, and most of us are a little tired of it.

Talking about the female body makes men uncomfortable, so we’re just supposed to shut up about it. But this is 2017 and we’re going to talk as much as we want about periods, boobs, vaginas, and all the body parts and fluids that make people uncomfortable! These hilarious tweets are doing just that!

Superman is suddenly my favorite superhero.

Twitter | @WordsOfDiana

The five second rule still applies, right?

Twitter | @hkasulka

Better than saying ‘hoohaa’.

Twitter | @1followernodad

That’s pretty artistic.

Twitter | @LauraBenanti

New Yorker readers will appreciate this one!

Twitter | @meganamram

That pill is probably gone forever.

Twitter | @porshki

Literally every party I go to.

Twitter | @Kristen_Arnett

Cat is probably seeing someone and needed the pill.

Twitter | @FredaPellegrino

Because a blood stain in public is not nearly as humiliating as stubble.

Twitter | @beckybarnicoat

We’ve all been there.

Twitter | @Ioveyjay

Who needs bowls when you have vaginas?

Twitter | @RobbySlowik

The only reason we ignore guys.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

Waterfalls can be lovely. But not when they’re in your pants.

Twitter | @gr8ish

Great excuse for skipping gym class too!

Twitter | @allhailahjah

They’re right there, might as well use them!

Tumblr | postllimit

It’s one of the greatest conspiracies against women!

Twitter | @drewtoothpaste

They all look the same!

Twitter | @messygirI

Sounds like a good topic for a family conversation!

Twitter | @BlacHershey

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