Trump's First Foreign Trip To Saudi Arabia Amid FBI Scandal

Multi-billion dollar deals are on the line with Trump heading to Saudi Arabia

Donald and Melania Trump were welcomed in the capital city of Saudi Arabia by King Salman on Saturday morning.Their trip will be eight days long, and they’ll make their way to Brussels, Palestine, Israel, and Sicily and the Vatican within Italy.

The visit comes shortly after Donald has been facing massive criticism following his termination of James Comey, the director of the FBI, from the Trump administration.

Mr. Trump is with Ivanka as well as Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband. Like Theresa May and Angela Merkel, Melania and Ivanka Trump did not wear hijabs. Critics have pointed out that Donald, in 2015, criticized Michelle Obama for not wearing a hijab during her visit with Obama.

Despite Mr. Trump’s Muslim ban, he plans to discuss his hope of a peaceful Islam with officials in the Saudi Arabian government. The legislation designed to restrict travel from Muslim-dominant nations is still held in stasis by the American courts.

The agenda for Saudi officials and Donald is to discuss Islamist militants as well as the growing power of neighboring nation, Iran. Donald has been very critical of the way American officials have handled countries like Iran in the past. Specifically, he said the government shouldn’t have eased sanctions on the Iranians for “dismantling” their arms program because they would just lift the sanctions and continue to build weapons anyway.

Trump accepting a model

When Barack Obama went to Saudi Arabia, his primary concern of the time was human rights.

King Salman exalted Donald Trump in a previous tweet saying he hoped the visit would strengthen their strategic cooperation. He gave the American President the highest civilian honor, which is the King Abdulaziz Medal.

The Saudi hosts have been showing Mr. Trump the most extravagant entrance, unlike his predecessor Mr. Barack Obama, who they felt was too weak in his dealings with Iran.

Many Saudi Arabians are proud that Donald chose their country first amid the growing conflict between Donald and the rest of the United States Government.

Despite their red-carpet treatment of Mr. Trump, Saudi’s will express their concern for American intervention in the area as well as the notion that American culture is “intrinsically Islamophobic.”

Tomorrow, Donald will give a speech to forty different Muslim leaders in which he will call for a fight against terror and bigotry. Some people have pointed out the irony of these circumstances considering his policies against Muslim nations in the past.