Trump "Not Welcome" In Belgium As Thousands of Protestors Take To Streets Against US President

He had arrived in the country for a NATO summit, where analysts have said anxiety is running high.

In Belgium, thousands are protesting in an anti-Trump march both Wednesday and Thursday morning upon his arrival for a NATO summit, as demonstrators chant and hold posters saying “Not Welcome Here”.


Thousands of Belgians have taken to the streets upon President Donald Trump’s arrival, to express their disapproval.

Chants in the march included: “If you don’t want Trump in Belgium clap your hands,” and “hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

The March

The demonstrations had many colorful banners and flags with slogans including “Fight Donald Trump and his billionaire friends” and “stay out of our hole,” referencing an interview where Trump called Brussels a “hellhole.”

Police say that roughly 9,000 protestors were in the streets.

Donald Trump’s Trip

President Trump and his wife Melania arrived in Brussels- their fourth location on their foreign trip- on Wednesday. He is expected to stay for 24 hours before travelling to the G7 summit in Sicily.

His visit to Brussels is mainly to attend a NATO summit, where Trump will be attempting to convince its members to equally share in the financial expenses of the alliance.

He plans to convince members to boost their defense budget to “two percent of their GDP.”

Comments on Donald’s NATO Stance

Many of Belgium’s protestors think Trump is pushing a “war agenda.”

One of the demonstration’s organizers, Ludo De Brabander, said: “He wants Europe to spend more money on war when he should be investing in peace,”

“If all the EU member states pay two percent of their GDP on military spending, that’s billions of dollars that should be spent helping the poor, not investing into a war machine.”

Another protestor gave a different reason for her march: “I came particularly to fight against climate change.”

“Trump is accelerating the melting of the ice caps. I so wish the moment he gets home he will be impeached and we can get Bernie Sanders and have the whole world fighting against global warming.”