Trolls Going Mad With Their Photoshop Powers


Photoshop is the perfect instrument for a master Troll, it’s their saber, their mortal instrument of pissing people off. Pretty much the first thing anyone does with their newly learnt Photoshop skills is harness that power to troll. Here’s a couple of Trolls who are really going for it.

1. When you ask to be Photoshopped into a Group Picture.

via reddit / stevenpetryk

2. A Group of Me, Myself, and I.

via reddit / fallowminds

3. Well, you got what you wanted.

via reddit / jaxxon

4. Again, choose your words carefully.

via reddit / likethatwhenigothere

5. The difference that a spell check can make.

via Facebook / Unilad

6. Wow, they’re really Jazzing it up!

via reddit / HeavenSk8

7. Now he was just asking for it.

via reddit / jvogt146

8. Messing with people who wanna’ look cool on Facebook.

via reddit / mastermeech

9. Look out!

via reddit / InfamousUnicorn

10. Perfect.

via reddit / AldoRourk9

11. You got a runaway Groom at hand? Photoshop to the rescue!

via reddit / zoltan41

12. Doesn’t get any better.

via reddit / -Dolomite-

13. Done.

via Twitter / @fjamie013

14. Your wish is my command.

via Twitter / @fjamie013

15. You got it.

via Twitter / @fjamie013

16. Mermaid in a box.

via Twitter / @fjamie013

17. Now that’s just rude.

via Instagram / @miinute

18. Major Shade!

via Twitter / @fjamie013